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Here there be insanity.

Lord of the Pixels
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My Inspirations.< 3:

If you're anything like me, when you turned the last page of Return of the King and read those last words--"Well, I'm back"--or when the lights flickered back on in an emptying theatre with a fading screen and a sticky floor, you died a little inside. That couldn't be the end! Isn't there more? Oh literature, you've gone and stolen my heart!

lordofthepixels is a silly little webcomic that was created to fuel a fan's obsession and take up some free time. Remember, this is just for fun, so I may twist Tolkien's characters a bit. Aragorn may seem a little whiney, Boromir may have some anger management issues, and Denethor may be a pyromaniac to the extreme. It's all in good humour. Just go with it. Updates aren't regular and just occur whenever I feel like it, but I will attempt to update at least once a month. Much of this comic is inspired by the great iharthdarth, whom I'm sure the internet will never forget.< 3

Disclaimer: Remember! These characters don't belong to me! If they did, I'd probably be hanging out with them instead of you. They are all the property of the literary genius that is Professor J.R.R. Tolkien and likely always will be until the end of the world. So nya!

Fear not! There's very few of them!

1. While I believe creativity was meant to be shared with the world, I would sure like it if you didn't take these and claim them as your own. Oh, you can take them for graphics, just give credit where credit is due!
2. You can totally make icons, mood themes, or anything else that you could want out of these comics. You can even change the colours and whatnot, just please be sure not to make them say anything you wouldn't hear Samwise say.
3. I'd really, really love it if your comments didn't include any crude words or flaming. Tin is doing the best she can! Really!
4. No assumptions that Boromir is evil and we'll get along just great, mmk?:3
5. And the most important rule!: Have fun reading.(:

If you'd like to be an affiliate to lordofthepixels or have a question, your best bet is to just leave me a comment on one of the comics, but if you'd like to ask me something that you don't want others reading for some reason, you can send me an email at tinyote@hotmail.com, but be warned! I very seldom check my email.

If you'd like to link back to Lord of the Pixels, right click on the button of your choice, click 'Properties', and copy the URL. Paste the URL into code provided below where it says ' IMAGE URL HERE'.